The Plot Thickens

Portable raised seating, custom built to fit our unique space, will cost $80,000. Thanks to the support of the community, we have raised $20,000 through what we formerly called our “Buy a Seat” Campaign. We need to raise the remaining $60,000 before the end of December.

And the Award Goes To…
When you donate to our “Every Seat a Good Seat” Campaign, we will recognize your contribution with our wall of fame. A plaque will list your donation under one of the following giving categories:

Actor:  $250 to $999

Director:  $1,000 to $2,999

Producer:  $3,000+

You can also elect to make your donation in memory of, or in honour of a person who has made a difference in your life.

All donations are eligible for a charitable receipt.

**Your donation will be used to reach our fundraising goal for raised seating. However, if our collective goal is not met, please be assured that your gift will be used towards other TTC improvements.**

Please make cheques payable to TryLight Theatre Co 

and mail to
510 2nd St. S. Kenora, ON, P9N 1G8


Setting the Stage

Imagine sitting behind Marge Simpson when you’re trying to watch a play, or behind the wacky inflatable arm-waving tube man? With raised seating, you can see over their heads (well maybe not the tube guy, but you get what we mean). With raised seating, every seat is a good seat, no matter who sits in front of you.

The Plot

In theatre, the “play” is the thing. Over the years, TryLight has presented much-loved stories, challenged our audiences with lesser-known plays and given local playwrights the opportunity to see their scripts come to life on stage. It’s been all about the play.

But now the time has come for us to turn the spotlight on our patrons. The addition of portable raised seating will be one more enhancement to our intimate, one-of-a-kind theatre space, making it more comfortable, not only for our own patrons but for the many community groups who use our venue.