A big thank you to the many who showed up for auditions.

Now that we have a cast rehearsals will begin with all the excitement and anticipation that they bring. But to get the job done we need more than actors. The production staff is still looking for a Lights and Sound Tech a Costume Manager as well as the positions listed in the red sidebar. Click on the links for a job description. If interested please respond by clicking here

Show Dates

November 25 - December 1

Audition Dates:

August 29, 30, 2017 - 7 PM

Costume Manager job description

Costume Manager

Light and Sound tech job description

Lights and Sound Tech Mail:


Hair Assistant

Greeters, Ushers, Ticket Sellers

Hair Assistant

Make-up Assistant

Make-up Assistant Greeters, Ushers, Ticket Sellers

Box Office Staff

Greeters, Ushers, Ticket Sellers